Schutzhund Training

  • Club must provide appropriate grounds for all levels
  • Judge is responsible for the track laying and should be present if possible
  • SchH 3 tracks must each be laid in a different pattern
  • SchH 1&2 tracks should be laid in different patterns
  • Normal paces at all corners. The pace used in the straight is the same in the turn.
  • The scent pad does not have a criteria for the amount of time to be spent at the start
  • Starts (scent pad) runs into the evaluation of the first leg of the track
  • Just do not say "correct work", describe why the work is correct
  • If a dog checks briefly to left/right, but does not leave the track, it is not faulty if the dog is intensive and self assured. Principle being, no one knows what may have effected the scent (animal, difficult portion,change of terrain)
  • It is not faulty for a dog to stop briefly at a corner, check left/right then continue. This is if the dogs did not leave the track and does not circle, but merely checked with his head.
  • If the corner is laid in a change of terrain, or in very difficult conditions, different from the straight leg, it may not be faulty if the dog stays within one meter and is not hectic.
  • Speed and work of the dog must be constant, only if the terrain is constant
  • It is not faulty if a dog overshoots or corner slightly because of wind or severe terrain changes at a corner (slightly is under 1 meter)
  • Describe the 100 point exercise
  • Article indication must be convincing and sure, and in the direction of the track. If a dogs tracks slow and his behavior at the article is with the same speed and definition as the track, then is may not be faulty
  • Judge must be in a position to properly see all aspects of the tracking. However, the judge should not interfere with the dog's ability to work.
  • By principal at dog could miss all the articles and make 80 points, a good rating. However, there is a fault in the dogs behavior and therefore must only get a satisfactory
  • Laying of a dogs body part, including the head on the article is faulty
  • Any influence to down the dog at the article should be rated as 0 points
  • On dogs that retrieve the articles, the dogs are rated in similar approach as to the dumbbell exercises. The dog must sit in front and must hold the article calmly
  • If a dog should swallows a retrieved article, the dog can only receive high "I"
  • If dog refuses to release the article, the dog must be disqualified for disobedience
  • The dog must be responsible for 100% of the decisions on the track
  • At the start. Once the handler sets up and allows the dog to go, the handler cannot move once the line starts through their hands
  • If you allow a person to track on a short line (under 10 meters), and do not discover the mistake until after the track, there is not fault to the dog and handler
  • Praising the dog on the track is not faulty. However, the dog cannot be praised at the start until the handler is walking down the track with the dog, and, at the corners, may not be praised until the dog is well committed into the leg. A suggested guideline is that the handler is following the dog into the leg as well.
  • A dog that tracks with an open mouth in very difficult conditions and long on tracks, may not be faulty since this could be a mechanism for cooling itself, as long as the dog is tracking intently and with deep nose.
  • Set up for tracking 2-4 meters from the start point.
  • Article indication. Once the dog has indicated the article, the handler has two options for praising the dog. 1st; the handler shows the article, then after approval puts the article away. Then a touching of the dog is permitted before picking up the tracking line. The other alternative is that the handler may praise the dog (even with touching) before showing the article. The handler may do one or the other, but not both.

    bite sleeve for schutzhund training

    Schutzhund Titles:

    • BH - basic obedience and temperament test
    • SchA - obedience and protection only
    • SchI - first level
    • SchII - second level
    • SchIII - top level
    • OB I,II,III - separate obedience titles
    • TR I,II,III - separate tracking titles
    • IPO 1,2,3 - international schutzhund degree (International Prüfungsordnung)
    • FH I,II - advanced tracking titles
    • WH - watch dog title
    • AD - endurance title (for breed-worthiness)

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