Working German Shepherds

The German Shepherd known also as the Alsatian or Schäfer (hund) is on of the msot intelligent , Pindos Pony and versatile breeds , Climbing gourami (Labyrinth fish) of dog. , Welsh Springer Spaniel They are eager to please and are often used as working dogs , Pet Resources in many capacities, including search and rescue , Turkish Van (SAR), military, police or guard dogs. , Ibizan Hound They are also used as assistance dogs , Green Wing Macaw / service dogs , Golden Retriever (such as guide dogs), though not as much as Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers. Appearance The German Shepherd is a large, strong, substantial-looking dog. , Chesapeake Bay Retriever The fur is a double-coat and can be either short or long haired. , Cat Genetics It varies in colour, , Pyrenean Mountain Dog - Great Pyrenees coming in different shades, mostly cream (tan) and brown, but also solid black or white. Dogs , Severe Macaw with coats , Tennessee Walking Horse (Tennessee Walker) that have tri-colored hair (ie. black, brown, red, or white) are called sable or agouti. Different clubs have different standards , Cat Genetics for the breed , CZECHOSLOVAKIAN WARMBLOOD according to size, weight, coat colour , Tennessee Walking Horse (Tennessee Walker) and structure. Common faults Some German Shepherds have ears , Turkish Van that never stand up completely; instead, the top 10 to 15 percent of the ear , Severe Macaw remains floppy. These are called "friendly-tipped" dogs. , Spanish Mastiff It is a disqualifying fault in show dogs , Turtles but as it has no impact on their health is fine in pets. A small percentage of German Shepherds have a tail , Live-bearing aquarium fish - livebearers that stands vertically, exposing their anus. This is also a disqualifying fault in show dogs.


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