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German Shepherd Rescue

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Written by Amy Murphy

No one really understands how it is that I have been at this rescue so
long, or why the right family has not come along, or why people keep
passing me up for other dogs.

I will qualify this by adding "for My
Biggest Fan", but I am absolutely, without question, the best trained dog
in the entire facility. I have done so many cool things and had so many
great experiences, I am very very very reliable. My Biggest Fan not
only works with me multiple times every week on my manners and skills at
the rescue, but she also attended training classes with a professional
trainer with me. At the end of those classes, the trainer was in
tears, crying about how unfair it was that no one had taken me home yet.
She said I was one of her all-time favorites, and that I was one of the
smartest, most hard-working dogs she had ever seen. Again, it has a
lot to do with how much I love My Biggest Fan, but I promise, if I find
my Forever Family and they work with me, I will do everything I can for
them too. My Biggest Fan also took me on a fieldtrip to meet her
favorite dog trainer in the world, and that very very very knowledgeable
lady had the same opinion of me. That I would walk through fire for
someone I love, that I will learn anything you ask as long as you explain it
well, and that I will stay with you until the bitter end. She also
thinks I should go live with someone who will look into getting me my
Therapy Dog title and take me to visit sick, sad and lonely people in the
hospital. I think I would be really good at that. I know all about
being sad and lonely sometimes.

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