Choosing A Breeder

Choosing A Breeder

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Reputable Breeders:

  • Know details about their chosen breed.

  • They screen for genetic diseases known to affect that breed, maintain veterinary and breeding records.

  • A Reputable breeder will tell you the BAD points as well as the good points about that breed.

  • Will provide quality care for the dogs they own.

  • Will allow you to see where their dogs live and the kind of care they are given.

  • They are not out to make a buck; they are out to find fabulous homes first!

  • They offer a written health guarantee with each puppy they sell.

  • Are always available to offer help and advice to their new puppy owners.

  • Will assist in the finding of a new home, if you are no longer able to care for your dog.

  • Usually belong to a local or national breed club, and they always breed their dogs with the thought of improving their line. 

The Breeder types listed below are the ones to avoid!

Backyard Breeders:

  • Most of these breeders do not know much about the breed standard, and don't necessarily breed for better dogs.

  • Puppies from this kind of breeder are usually the result of breeding their pet quality dog to the next door neighbor's pet quality dog because it was the same breed, AKC registered and available.

  • No thought is given to the puppy's health, genetic makeup or temperament.

  • Usually, do not screen where their puppies go or keep track of them throughout their lives.

  • Are convinced that his or her breed is right for anyone.

  • Usually do not check for genetic diseases known to their breed.

  • Usually breed to make quick buck.

  • Allow the pups to leave as soon as possible.

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