'Pets-gonna-love-it' German Shepherd Muzzle - Dog Basket Muzzle
'Pets-gonna-love-it' German Shepherd Muzzle - Dog Basket Muzzle

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'Pets-gonna-love-it' German Shepherd Muzzle - Dog Basket Muzzle

Model: M57##1070 Working Wire Basket muzzle
  • 'Pets-gonna-love-it' German Shepherd Muzzle - Dog Basket Muzzle
  • 'Pets-gonna-love-it' German Shepherd Muzzle - Dog Basket Muzzle
  • USE
  • CARE
  • Wire basket dog muzzle made for safe walks and agitation training
  • Because of the massive leather part, the dog won’t be able to hurt the decoy with his fangs
  • Nose loop has soft neoprene padding that keeps off friction against sensitive parts
  • Protected from high humidities, tear and wear due to chrome plated steel and durable leather material choices
  • 5 sizes are available
  • Weight of the muzzle depends on its size: 520 - 700 g

Chrome plated steel:

  • Protection against rust
  • Suitable for conditions of high humidity

Natural leather:

  • High tensile strength
  • Resistant to tear, puncture
  • Flexible and repeats contours of the dog's snout
  • Non-allergenic material
  • Gently helps correct aggressive behaviors towards dog owners or strangers or other pets
  • Stops dogs from indulging in unwanted picking of street dirt or food or rocks during walks and training
  • Suitable for visits to the vets’ without disruption of the process
  • Fits agitation dog training
  • Great for daily walks
  • Wipe it down with a clean, damp cloth
  • For more stubborn dirt, use a little water, mild soap and a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • After cleaning wipe it down with a clean dry cloth
  • Use carefully not to damage its surface, otherwise it may lose its rustproof properties
  • Do not dry it on the radiator or near the heater

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